Life Coaching

One-on-One Coaching Opportunities

An exciting new development! After years of requests, Libby is now making time to offer one-on-one “whole life coaching” opportunities for men and women who wish to move their lives forward in a significant way. For at least a 6-month period, you can meet with Libby in person or on the phone on a weekly basis. During each one-hour session, you and Libby will explore ways in which to:

Clarify and manifest your goals and dreams, both personally and for the world
Improve your relationships on all levels (intimate, community, etc.)
Move things forward in every area of your life (including health, financial, relationships, work, spirituality, service, fun, creativity, etc.) or in a few targeted areas
The purpose of these sessions is not to provide individual therapy or recovery, which often focuses on the past and problems with daily living. The purpose of coaching is to provide support for the accomplishment of goals and dreams in the present. Coaching focuses on the future and its possibilities, drawing out your personal brilliance, passions, dreams, goals, and visions and helping you to embody them in your life. (“Is that what you really want?”)

The process of truly going for your dreams often brings up issues from the past that have previously prevented you from moving forward. Libby is an expert counselor and, when necessary, can assist and/or teach you how to free yourself from the effects of past distresses that have kept you from reclaiming full power in the present.

The concept of “coaching”, or “whole life coaching”, is relatively new. The idea behind coaching is that many people, whose lives are going generally well, can significantly benefit from having a supportive person committed to helping them move their lives to a much higher level.

Libby has spoken many times, on stage and in workshops, about how our culture abounds with messages about what you should want. These messages are particularly strong in advertising and the media, but also come from employers, spouses, children, parents, churches, etc. It can be quite a difficult task to first discover what it is that you truly desire and then to figure out ways to manifest those desires in your life.

The function of a coach is to provide consistent encouragement and assistance to help you clarify your deepest dreams and visions and to brainstorm as many pathways as possible to making them real in your life. As our own lives improve, as we become more fulfilled, authentic, effective, satisfied and in touch with our own and life’s power, brilliance and possibilities, we are able to assist all those around us to do the same. Partly because a coach is not emotionally invested in the specifics of your life (in the way that family members, good friends, employers, and others in your immediate circle are), a good coach can become one of your most profound allies in accomplishing your goals and realizing your dreams.

For information on, please see our fee schedule and sign-up information.

Fee Schedule

Coaching Fee Schedule:

Libby has set aside a limited of opportunities for people at a range of household income level:

Household Income Less than $10,000 year
Special consideration given to people of color and students doing community building work.

Household Income $10,000 to $25,000

Household Income $26,000 to $50,000

$51,000 to $75,000

More than $75,000

Please let us know if you have extenuating circumstances. Individuals will also be responsible for the cost of the phone calls. Please call or mail if you have any questions.