An audience member in Maine recorded these three videos of Libby live!  Earthquake, Winter Wheat, and How Could Anyone.
Libby is an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, poet, activist, teacher and lifelong Alaskan. The surprising power and depth of her music and the humor and spontaneity of her performances have attracted large and enthusiastic audiences across the continent and fans all over the world. Her six recordings have received extensive airplay on Earth and, in 2003, NASA played her song “Dig Down Deep” on the planet Mars as encouragement to the robot “Spirit.” Libby is well-known as an exhilarating and witty artist who offers a remarkable blend of passionate music, wry humor and incisive commentary on social and personal issues.

“One of the most compassionate and caring songwriters recording today.”

— Dirty Linen, Premier U.S. Folk Magazine

Winter Wheat

Libby’s newest CD contains five of her most-requested songs. Ranging from poignant commentaries on these challenging times to inspiring, uplifting anthems to the delightfully unorthodox, this collection is a powerful offering from one of our most compassionate and caring songwriters.

For a hardcopy of the CD, send $15 (or 2/$25) plus $3 shipping/handling to:
Turtle Island Records
5316 E. 41st Ave.
Anchorage AK 99508

along with your address.

“For we are sowing winter wheat
That other hands will harvest
That they might have enough to eat
After we are gone….”